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FMEV - Financial Modeling and Equity Valuation

financial modelling course in hyderabad

Course Description

Valuation of Financial Model is a mathematical model designed to represent the performance of a firm's financial asset. Model is basically is used to calculate, forecast, or estimate financial numbers.

What is Financial Modelling?

Financial Modelling relates to accounting and corporate finance applications usually involve the preparation of detailed company-specific models used for decision-making and financial analysis purposes.

Today, if you Google the term "Financial Modeling" you will get millions of hits.

Financial Modelling has become the most important skill-set for aspiring finance professionals.

A good financial modeler must know how the three financial statements (the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow) work and linked together. They must understand corporate finance theory and be able to apply it to the valuation process. They must possess industry-specific knowledge and must think analytically and last but not least, must have strong Advance Excel skills.

The Program on, Financial Modelling & Valuation Analysis At RVM Finishing School deal with its Practical Implementation. The Program covers Basics & Advance MS-Excel formulation and its use to make financial models from Scratch, Annual Reports of companies and handling with the actual difficulties and error in such analysis, understanding the practical utility of Valuation Analysis.

The candidates would also be taken through the process of building financial models for projects handled by them. The program includes classroom and online teaching with video support, Case Study, and Certification at the end.

Note: Application of all above functions on Real time datasets and its Practical implementation on day to day working platform.

Module covers Building Financial Models for Indian & US based Company from scratch

Financial Modeling Demo

Modules : -

FMEV Program Modules Flow

1) Excel For Financial Modeling

2) E.I.C Framework

3) Corporate Finance

4) Financial Markets

5) Financial Statements Analysis

6) Advance FRA

7) Profecting Financial Statements

8) Equity Valuation

9) Price Normalization

10) Sensitivity Analysis

11) Dynamic Graphs For Report

12) Equity Report Writing

Spreading Of Financials

  • Financial Data Picking
  • Understanding Schedulers Creating IS, BS, CFS From Scratch on Excel
  • Common size & Time Series Analysis Of Financials for Indian & US Companies
  • Ratios Analysis
  • Analytic Analysis of Financials
  • Linking the three financial statements

Linking the three financial statements

  • Creating Input Output Base
  • Influence Diagrams for Projection Variables
  • Deciding the Projection Methods including Regression Analysis
  • Creating Schedulers for IS & BS
  • Projecting the cash flow statement

Valuation- Equity

  • Net Asset Approach
  • Income Approach
  • DCF Valuation Terminal Value
  • DCF Valuation Exit Multiple
  • Calculating Ke, WACC, Beta, Risk Free Rate in Real Time
  • Relative Valuation
  • Price Multiples
  • Transaction Multiples
  • Industry Specific Multiples

Eligibility : -

  • Professionals MBA, CFA ,ICWAI, CFP

  • Graduates and Post -Graduates looking for career in Equity and Research,.

  • Working professionals, who want to switch their career to Finance Research & Analysis Sector.

Course Objective : -

  • Able to build a financial model from a scratch using the best structuring techniques.

  • Projecting future years for the three main Financial Statements - (the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow)

  • Understanding Financial Markets in details ( Indian & Global)

  • Get Hands On experience in data Picking from different web sources -( IMF, WTO, Yahoo Finance, BSE, NSE etc.)

  • Advance key Excel functions to construct sound financial forecasting models.

  • Understanding Economy, Industry and Company Framework & their impact on the valuations.

  • Step by Step Analysis of Company & Projections for next five years

  • Calculating Beta, WACC( Weighted Average Cost Of Capital) on Excel

  • Interpret and Analyze the key ratios used in a financial forecast

  • Projecting B/S , Income statement and Cash Flows

  • Incorporating financial statement analysis through Ratio Analysis

  • Calculate the Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) & Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)

  • Calculate Equity Value Multiples: P/E, P/CF, P/BV, P/S, PEG, Dividend Yield

  • Perform Trading Multiples analysis EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT,EV/CFO, EV/Sales

  • Equity Valuation using DDM, DCF, Relative Valuation , Residual Valuation and Regression Based Models

Duration: -

Training Modes
Mode Duration Approx.

Classroom / Online Regular

2 Months (Monday to Thursday)

Classroom / Online Weekend

2 Months (Sat / Sun)

Date & Fee: -

INR 42,000/-

Fee Includes:

financial modelling course

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